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1 x Orange Flower Set of 2 (37cmx 27cm) $10

1 x (Toadstool Houses) Set of 4 (1 x 37 x 27/1 x 26 x 27/2 x 18 x 27) $12

2 x (Bee Designs) Set of 4 (1 x 37 x 27/1 x 26 x 27/2 x 18 x 27)$12 each

5 x Aussie Animals Set of 2 (37cmx 27cm) $10 each

5 x Bees Single Wrap (27cm x 27cm) $3.50each

1 x Spots and Flowers Set of 2 (37cmx 27cm)$10

4 x Bilby and Blossoms Set of 2 (37cmx 27cm) $10each 

2 x Aussie Flowers & Birds Set of 2 (37cmx 27cm)$10each

3 x Rosella, Echidna, Flowers Set of 3 (37cmx 27cm)

$15 each

5 x Dreamtime Set of 3 (37cmx 27cm))$15 each

We became aware just how toxic and throw away our society has become, ourselves included, so with this in mind it became our mission to try and find a simple yet cost effective way to reduce our daily impact.

What we found was that one of the biggest contributors to our throw away culture is single use plastic.

Food covered with beeswax wraps

Each of our products are designed to be both reusable and made from only 100% natural renewable materials. This minimises both the cost on the planets resources and it ends up costing each of us a lot less then non renewable alternatives!

Our beeswax wraps last for a long time, with good care we can get 6-12 months out of them! This alone replaces a lot of single use plastic such as plastic food wrappings.

Produce bag

The cotton produce bags we sell also replace a lot of single use plastic bags as they are washable, multi use, and better yet very strong!

Cleaner living is just one more step towards getting the planet healthy again, which in turn improves not only our own future health but that of our children’s as well.

Help me make a difference written on a beach