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Owl a symbol of wisdom, intuition and clairvoyance. She is able to see in the dark, to feel, understand and predict events.It represents spiritual wisdom,clarity and peace of mind

100% handmade!!!
No molds were used!!
One Surprise Owl is waiting just for you!

These sweet little owl fairy houses are perfect to add to your owl collection, and they also make wonderful gifts for the owl collector in your life.

Each owl will fit in the palm of your hand sometimes a little taller or shorter. All of my owls are made of polymer clay, one at a time, by hand.

They are handmade without molds, so no two are ever exactly the same! An endless variety of color combinations and designs are possible.

Let one of these adorable owls bring some joy into your home today!

This listing is for one owl. The photos show a wide variety of owls that I make.

Please let me choose a special little owl for you, colors may vary.
You may or may not receive an owl shown in the photo as my stock of owls is always changing.