Hand sculpted Ceramic Pink Poppy

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1 x poppy on silver steam 
Gorgeous bright red ceramic Poppies! These flowers are hand built from earthenware clay by myself, kiln fired and hand painted with glaze then fired again .

Poppies are the flowers used as a symbol around the world to remember those who past in military service.  They are often presented on graves in the form of wreaths since its circular shape represents eternity, continuity and the circle of life. However, the poppies are also worn on veterans’ lapels and often placed individually at a gravesite to represent honoring and respecting those who sacrificed their lives in military conflict.

Lest We Forget
I am a wife of a return service man
Sculpting in my escape from the sadness 
A broken man from war,
Weighed down with the scars that war leaves in our return service men and women
Like a chain around there neck that is to heavy to remove😢😢😢
Our Return service men and Women sacrifice for our Country
The torment of war,
A invisible Prison of mental illness.
I can’t begin to understand
My heart aches for all of you ..... I have the deepest respect for those who have served for our country

Don’t shut me out.

It’s not only that I can help, it’s that I really, deeply, truly WANT to help.

If you need to cry, I’ll let you cry.
If you need to grieve, I’ll let you grieve.
If you need encouragement, I’ll lift you up.
Don’t let pride block that or get in the way. When we stand together in the storms, our relationship grows and our bond is strengthened. It’s not a good time, but good things can be birthed from this moment.

Seriously, it’s an honor to be there for you. Things will bloom again when the memories melts and springtime will come, but until then, I’m here. I will never give up on finding you peace !

Lest We Forget all our soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice
At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them.
Lest We Forget Heartbreaking