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Why not spice up your home with a unique piece of personalised art?

Simply upload your desired image and our in-house graphics artist will do the rest!

Each piece is individually selected for its grain quality and handcrafted into a unique, long-lasting, professional quality chopping board.

Camphor laurel is a wood of medium density, with beautiful colour and grain patterns. Sourced sustainably and locally from The Norther Rivers of NSW.

Not only is our wooden chopping board great for your knives, camphor laurel also has natural anti-bacterial properties!

The natural wood we use varies in sizes and so to does our individual boards, therefore we measure them in how many standard slices of bread they can each fit!

For customization please send email to:

Please attach the highest quality version of the photo you have and write any words you wish to have on the product in the email in quotation marks clearly on a separate line:


"Like This"


For best results, upload your original image in full.

Images sourced from Facebook, Messenger or screenshots are of reduced quality, which will reduce the overall quality of your finished piece, because of this we recommend not using them and finding an alternative image or the original image that was taken.

Individual boards will vary in appearance to the images shown.


Disclaimer: It is soley the responsibility of the user to uphold the digital rights of any uploaded content.
Each board is different and the image you upload is a preview it is not the actual board you will get. also the boards are all engraved there are no colours.