Hand crafted Fairy house 16cm tall

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1x fairy 
One  off fairy house hand crafted by Me  Shelly

A fairy house is a magical usually found at the bottom of a tree or on a skirting board. Fairy doors are great  to help children with imagination transform into a creative place  
Fairies have been travelling from the fairy land to ours world for centuries, sometimes In more recent times however, parents have been putting fairy doors in their homes and gardens to encourage the fairies to move in and interact with their children. Now, these Garden fairy doors are for the most secretive of fairies. The door will only open for the fairies because they love their privacy. However these fairies still love to receive gifts and notes and are always happy to take away the children’s worries. #fairyhousesofinstagram #fairy #fairytail #fairydoors #fairytale #fairieslivehere #fairiesarereal #fairies #couponfairies #ibelieveinbookfairies #fairytailedit #fairycircle #gnome #gnomes #gnomesofinstagram #gnomesweetgnome