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1 x rock

Worry Pocket Rocks are perfect for to help take your worries away When you need a friendly face  Reach into your pocket and pull out one of these adorable Pocket Rocks these little gems are perfect for children who are anxious about the first day of school or an unfamiliar event. Their Pocket Rock will give them comfort and an instant smile! Pop under your pillow at night and have sweet dreams ready for a amazing day

Emotional self-regulation is a skill that can be learned. Once you’ve practiced setting aside negative thoughts and feelings, an object like a worry rock can be a useful aid in accessing this skill 

Worry rocks may help with skin picking, fingernail biting, hair pulling, and other compulsive behaviors.

Made by me Shelly Gilbert i have MS by MS doesn’t have me

Please let me choose a special little rock for you, colors may vary.
Not a toy