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Pottsville Perfectly Natural Beezwax Wraps

Business owner 

What was life like before MS? What were you doing? I worked at my families motel in Brunswick Heads NSW as a Motel room Superviser 


When did you find out you has MS? What symptoms did you experience or did anything specific happen? 2013, first presentation was field of vision was restricted, then right side function and feeling loss, which stopped me being able to walk, hence made me bed ridden in hospital.


You said you went through 4 years of hell once finding out about MS. Tell us about these and what occurred during them? Lost my, body sensations, drivers license, mobility, independence and most of my spirit. With assistance and chemotherapy I gained a good chunk of most of these back.


Then you found a great doctor! How did that help get you “back up and running”? He never stopped trying to help me, so with his medical professionalism I would not be here as I am today.


When did you start with your beeswax and what made you want to turn it into a business? I started approximately 2 years ago, when I became aware just how toxic and throw away our society had become, myself included. Single use soft plastics seemed to be the most used and least recyclable of all our families refuse, so with assistance it became my mission to try and reduce this as much as possible, now I try to assist others with the same target, leading  by example.

 Did you decide to work for yourself rather than returning back to work after recovering? No, I could no longer work set hours in the very fast paced motel cleaning industry, as much as the fantastic people I worked for tried to assist me.

 Tell us about your business and what you do. The products we are selling are reusable so as to minimize the cost on the planet and in return costs us personally a lot less. The beeswax wraps will last a long time with good care, 6-12 months which replaces a lot of single use plastic. The stainless steel straws we sell will also replace a lot of single use straws. The cotton produce bags we sell will also replace a lot of plastic bags as they are washable, multi use, very strong and assists our farmers in maintaining cotton sales.

 What is your main aim with it and what are your goals? Cleaner living so we can assist in getting the planet healthy again, which in turn will be better for our health and our children’s health.

 How are you now? How does it feel to have this opportunity? I am a lot better than I was pre Lemtrada treatment, however I still have a lot of trouble with my physical functions. With the assistance of all my gorgeous earth loving customers, I feel very proud to assist Mother Nature in making our lives as healthy as possible.

 What is your advice for other women about one door closing and another opening? Unfortunately we do not realize how light it is, until the darkness envelopes us, we then search and cling to anything that can make light happen, so we then appreciate all light no matter the source.I feel honored to have this opportunity to promote all of my fantastic customers efforts because one person alone cannot be heard, but many voices can be life changing.